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Beudant, toujours soucieux de son devoir, m'écrivait pour s'excuser de ne pouvoir assister à la séance mensneUe du Conseil général des Facultés. Thanks to the great sensitivity and spatial resolution of current mm-facilities, we can start to understand how and what is the origin of the material that is incorporated into planets. Toutes les vidéos porno de Léchage de Chatte que tu puisses t'imaginer, rangées selon les votes des utilisateurs. Conveniently, [CII] is redshifted into the relatively transparent sub-millimeter and millimeter atmospheric windows for 4. Perrot, membre de l'Institut, directeur de l'Ecole normale supérieure, a présidé cette solennité assisté de M. Il ne s'est encore arrêté à aucun.

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The diffuse stellar halo of the Milky Way only contributes a small fraction of the total light of the Galaxy but, comprising the oldest and most metal poor stellar population, it offers a glimpse into the early stages of galaxy formation. Model predictions regarding sofia alves nua predicted amount of substructure that should sofia alves nua present in Galaxy-sized halos are currently very uncertain, therefore, careful observational constraints on the characteristics of our own halo can be very valuable to constrain cosmological models.

In this talk, Sofia alves nua will present our updated version of an algorithm used to systematically search for Milky Way satellites using photometric surveys. This will allow us to quantify the luminosity function of the Milky Way satellites, very important for Milky Way modelling, and has lead to the discovery of two new interesting satellites: Crater 2, a diffuse giant galaxy, the fourth larger satellite of the Milky Way, and Aquarius 2, which is only discovered by pushing the detection limits of current surveys.

Vendredi 9 septembre14h It is the successor to the Kuiper Airborne Observatory and currently the only access to and platform for astronomical observations in the far-infrared micronsexcept for balloon-borne telescopes. It addresses many science questions that Herschel has left unanswered and offers observational opportunities similar to and beyond Herschel.

SOFIA has reached full operational capability in and has just completed its Cycle 5 call for proposals, offering a suite of 5 mid- and far-infrared imagers and spectrometers.

  • I listened very carefully to Ms[nbsp ]Harms and I have to say that, with due respect, the Greens seem to be doing a disservice to Europe by underestimating our crucial contribution and leadership in fighting climate change.
  • Vendredi 14 mars , 14h
  • A compact coherent 4x1-pixel multiplier chain for use as a local oscillator LO is quasi-optically coupled to a 4x1-pixel mixer block with superconducting hot electron bolometer HEB mixers.
  • Our models articulate the role of shear and field strength in the flows on the development of cloud properties such as mass, trapped magnetic flux and mixing.

SOFIA is new window to the local universe to study fundamental processes in sofia alves nua and astrochemistry, such as ISM heating and cooling, star formation, and feedback processes, as well as age-dating star forming molecular cores using new chemical molecular clocks. Science questions include molecular cloud formation and destruction, the dynamics of cloud collapse and circumstellar disks, protostellar outflows, turbulence, shocks and magnetic fields.

In my presentation, I will describe a glimpse of SOFIA science highlights and discoveries in its first few years of operation. I also plan to discuss SOFIA's unique potential as the only successor to the Herschel far-infrared satellite Jeudi 8 septembre11h The same gas has been detected toward 8 stars in the central 30 pc of sofia alves nua CMZ [5].

These observations used stars which were already studied by IR star specialists. In the meantime we were extremely happy to have analysis of our column densities from other group [8]. The most recent results and a comparison of the analyses will be discussed. Oka, T. Vendredi 22 juillet10h Using the high spectral sofia alves nua afforded by heterodyne instruments, astronomers can disentangle the filamentary structure and kinematics within these clouds creating a need to develop large format THz heterodyne arrays.

Building on the heterodyne array, SuperCam, a pixel receiver at GHz for CO, new technologies to produce an integrated 4x1-pixel heterodyne array receiver at 1. A compact coherent 4x1-pixel multiplier chain for use as a local oscillator LO is quasi-optically coupled to a 4x1-pixel mixer block with superconducting hot electron bolometer HEB mixers.

This prototype can be used to build larger focal plane arrays and can also be scaled in size to create arrays sofia alves nua other THz frequencies. Vendredi 24 juin14h We are entering a golden age of multiwavelength polarimetry with numerous CMB experiments e. The correct determination of B-mode signal, as well as solid understanding of magnetic fields in star formation, are only achieved when we have a quantitative treatment of dust polarization. In this talk, I will present first my results on quantifying the polarization spectrum of a newly discovered emission component, namely anomalous microwave emission.

Second, I will review the quantitative, predictive theory of grain alignment based on radiative torques, and discuss ab-initio modeling of dust polarization that incorporates well-tested physics sofia alves nua comparisons sofia alves nua observational data. Finally, I will discuss the unique potential of quantitative polarimetry in the next decade to elucidate the roles of magnetic fields in star and planet formation, and to reveal fundamental properties of magnetic turbulence and cosmic dust, through bridging solid theory, numerical simulations with observations.

In many astrophysical environments chemical bond-breaking is driven by ultraviolet radiation. Understanding and quantifying UV photodissociation, ionisation, desorption, and photofragment branching ratios for the many atoms and molecules present in space is the subject of fundamental studies in laboratory and theoretical chemical physics.

I will discuss these processes and their application to the molecules observed in interstellar clouds, protoplanetary disks, and planetary atmospheres; and some detailed laboratory studies of N2 and CO photodissociation. The slowness and inefficiency of the gas-to-star conversion process is a major puzzle for galaxy formation models, which systematically predict star formation histories more rapid than observed, resulting in unrealistic stellar masses sofia alves nua gas depletion.

Feedback mechanisms, sofia alves nua as supernovae explosions or active nuclei, are often invoked as key processes to regulate star formation. Modern hydrodynamic simulations reach a sufficient resolution and accuracy sofia alves nua model to cold, dense and turbulent phases of the multi-phase ISM, in which stars form and feedback mechanisms propagate their effect.

They demonstrate that feedback is responsible for the regulation of the total masses of galaxies, through the expulsion of huge amounts of baryons, but do not strongly affect the efficiency of star formation. Instead, hydrodynamic and gravitational instabilities play a direct role in regulating star formation: they drive the collapse of a small fraction of interstellar reservoirs into star-forming cores, but at the same time they generate high turbulent pressures that largely regulate the collapse of gas into stars.

The self-regulated turbulence cascade naturally accounts for the typical inefficiency of star formation, and the transition to efficient starburst phases during galaxy collisions.

While this physics remains poorly described in cosmological simulations, it tends to reconcile the standard cosmological model with observations of galaxy formation. Vendredi 29 avril14h Mapping the temperature and density toward Maffei 2 using sofia alves nua emission.

I will present a study aiming to determine the physical characteristics of the molecular gas traced with the formaldehyde molecule H2CO in the starburst galaxy Maffei 2. The line ratios between these lines are proved to be a good tracer of the temperature and density in Galactic molecular clouds and in external galaxies. I will show the results and give a preliminary analysis of these H2CO observations.

Vendredi 22 avril14h Intensity mapping of the atomic Carbon [CII] sofia alves nua a new observational promise of the post-reionization and reionization epoch. The fine structure line [CII] at microns is one of the brightest emission lines in the spectra of galaxies. It is considered to be the dominant coolant for neutral atomic gas in the interstellar medium.

Conveniently, [CII] is redshifted into the relatively transparent sub-millimeter and millimeter atmospheric windows for 4. However, so far, [CII] studies of very distant galaxies have been limited, with detection of only a handful of galaxies. Rather than detecting [CII] in selected galaxies, [CII] intensity mapping, by measuring fluctuations on large regions of the sky in a wide frequency band, is a new observational promise.

By measuring [CII] fluctuations, I will show how we can obtain unprecedented constraints on star formation and dust build-up at a key epoch in the Universe. I will also discuss how cross-correlation of the signals e. Vendredi 18 mars14h Magneto is not a hero: The Galactic magnetic field and the formation of molecular clouds.

ESA's Planck satellite has produced the first all-sky map of the polarized emission from dust at submillimetre wavelengths. Compared with earlier ground-based and balloon-borne observations this survey is an immense step forward in sensitivity, coverage, and statistics.

It provides new insight into the structure of the Galactic magnetic field, as well as the first statistical characterization of one of the main foregrounds to Sofia alves nua polarization.

I will summarize the main results of the Galactic magnetic field studies by the Planck Consortium, particularly focusing on the correlation between the magnetic field and the column density structures, its relation to previous studies based on the observation of starlight polarization and the Zeeman effect, and its implications for our understanding of the formation of density structures in the interstellar medium.

Vendredi 26 février14h Elle a déposé le module Philae à sa surface le 12 novembre qui, après quelques péripéties, nous a donné les premières informations depuis la surface d'une comète. Mais la mission Rosetta ne se terminera qu'en septembre et elle continue à suivre l'évolution de la comète sur sofia alves nua de la moitié de son orbite. La comète 67P est passée au périhélie le 13 aout à 1.

Je passerai en revue les premiers résultats obtenus par la mission ainsi que les différentes phases de cette mission qui n'a aucun égal pour ce qui est de sa complexité avec les autres missions d'exploration planétaire. Vendredi 12 février14h From Super Massive Black holes to high-redshift galaxy clusters.

This rate is in agreement with the fraction found for low redshift LLRGs and it is significantly higher than that for high power radio galaxies.

The method reveals itself as a powerful tool to search for distant galaxy clusters in ongoing and forthcoming photometric surveys such as DES, LSST, and Euclid. I will then describe the complete sample of blazars that I have built. I exploit the bump to perform super massive black hole SMBH mass estimates of quality competitive with the best alternative methods. The detection of infrared torus emission is possible under special conditions e. Mercredi 13 janvier11h Dust is a key component in the evolution of astronomical objects, from regions of star and planet formation to galaxies.

Models of these regions require a proper description of the microphysical processes involving dust, photons, gas and their interactions. Studying these processes has however to face our poor knowledge of the detailed composition and structure of these grains. An additional difficulty is to study these processes under the physical sofia alves nua found in space. Solving these difficulties is at the heart of laboratory astrophysics. In this seminar, I will describe our methodology in studying very small carbon-rich particles, from model particles to more realistic ones.

As an example, we have shown that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHsthe smallest in size dust particles, are produced in photodissociation regions by photoevaporation of very small grains, which could be PAH clusters.

More insights into the formation and evolution of these grains have therefore to be searched for. The new instruments of astronomy such as the interferometer ALMA open the possibility to investigate the physical and chemical conditions that lead to dust formation in evolved stars. In the laboratory, one can then build reactors in which these conditions are approached and realistic dust analogues can be made.

The particles can then be injected into chambers where they can be studied under interstellar conditions. Such methodology is now at the heart of the Nanocosmos project in which astrophysicists, physicists and chemists have joined their efforts to investigate the formation and evolution of cosmic dust. Cernicharo and J. Several research teams and institutes are involved on both sides. Vendredi 11 décembre14h Mankind has always been fascinated by comets. A brief review of early comet observations will be presented.

The highlights of the fanatastic sofia alves nua obtained by Rosetta and Philae half a billion Kilometers away from the Earth show that the European Space Agency and its partners have made an unprecedented technological advance. Sofia alves nua most recent observations will be reported.

Vendredi 4 décembre14h In this sofia alves nua, I will review some of the most recent discoveries about our Galaxy and discuss why they challenge our view of the galactic stellar populations, their mutual links and their evolution.

I will also discuss how the exceptional amount of data that Gaia, and related spectroscopic surveys, will soon deliver, will help in understanding the way our Galaxy formed and evolved. Vendredi 20 novembre14h Present day nucleosynthesis enriches the interstellar medium with newly synthesized products. I will present recent results on the lithium and nitrogen isotope ratios from observations of diffuse molecular clouds.

Two interstellar environments, the star-forming region IC and the supernova remnant ICshow evidence for relatively recent production of Li Thus, the mix of sources seems to have changed since the Solar System formed.

These nitrogen results bear on models of chemical fractionation in molecular clouds. Vendredi 23 octobre14h As a direct consequence, the corresponding mass of stellar black holes is measured from the cumulated supernovae already exploded at the galaxy age t, by subtraction of ejecta to the initial supernova mass. Of similar dense degenerated matter as SMBH, respecting the metal and SEDs observations, stellar black holes would migrate towards the galaxy core by dynamical friction, merely explaining the birth and growth of SMBH Rocca-Volmerange et al, Consequences on cosmology, galaxy evolution and the link of semi-analytic and numerical models of galaxy formation are discussed.

Mercredi 30 septembre09h Servillat or C. Gueth IPAG. Vendredi 10 juillet14h I will present the effects of assuming a Warm Dark Matter Sofia alves nua power spectrum in cosmological models of galaxy formation, and the impact of such an assumption on the statistical properties of galaxies, including their star formation histories, their color properties, the abundance of substructures and the evolution of their luminosity functions.

By comparing the results with observations, I will show how galaxy formation models can provide robust constraints on the mass of the assumed WDM candidate. The latest effort is in deploying the Greenland Telescope to the Summit Station in Greenland in order to achieve the highest angular resolution in astronomy. In rencontre avec tony parker talk, I will emphasize more on the submm wavelength part of our developments.

Vendredi 3 juillet14h For studies of the local universe, GISMO provides observational capabilities across a wide range of astronomical sources, including observations of galactic dust, free-free emission associated with molecular clouds near HII regions, and synchrotron radiation from supernova remnants as sofia alves nua as magnetic structures in the Galactic center region.

However, the observational capabilities of GISMO are optimized for studies of the evolution of galaxies and structure in the universe. At very high redshifts these goals can be achieved through deep survey observations, while at medium redshifts spatially resolved observations of the SZ decrement in galaxy clusters provide important clues on the formation of structure throughout cosmic times. In this talk, I present the first results of this survey. I show how, by combining data analysis with detailed photoionisation and shock modelling, we are gaining a new understanding of the physics of both Seyfert and LINER galaxies.

Vendredi 12 juin14h The fine structure line of ionized carbon, [C II], at 1. It is surrounded by a spherical envelope with an exceptionally rich molecular content. Over 80 molecular species have been detected in this envelope, which have largely contributed to our understanding of circumstellar CS and interstellar IS chemistry. These remarkable properties and the envelope large angular size make it a unique probe of time-dependent chemistry over timescales of thousands of years.

What sets this depletion, and how might it vary in exoplanetary systems? Alhoewel ik deze stelling verwelkom, kan sofia alves nua niet anders dan er ook kritisch naar kijken. Dit resultaat valt enorm tegen als je daar de inspanningen tegenover sofia alves nua die in vele lidstaten geleverd zijn. Daarenboven wil ik nogmaals benadrukken dat de sociale kostprijs sofia alves nua de crisismaatregelen opgelegd door de Trojka enorm is. De schade die de afbraak van het sociale systeem met zich meebrengt, gaat nog jaren voelbaar zijn.

Het is dus absoluut nodig dat de sociale dimensie van de EMU meer uitgewerkt wordt.


Het zou inmiddels duidelijk moeten zijn dat economisch beleid in evenwicht moet worden gebracht met sociaal beleid. Enkel zo kan er werk gemaakt worden van de sociale heropleving van Europa. Ik vraag de Raad dan ook tijdens haar bijeenkomst van sofia alves nua en 22 maart voldoende aandacht te besteden aan de sociale dimensie. Want er is een ander beleid nodig.

Quiero dar la bienvenida al señor Petro Poroshenko, miembro de la Rada Suprema —el Parlamento ucraniano— y copresidente de la Comisión Parlamentaria de Cooperación UE-Ucrania, que, junto con sus colegas, ha tomado asiento en la tribuna oficial del hemiciclo. What happens in our neighbourhood matters, as it has implications for all European nations.

The sovereignty of Ukraine should be safeguarded. The most immediate priority must now be to find a peaceful solution to the current crisis, one which is fully in line with international law. He thoroughly briefed the Council during the extraordinary session of 3[nbsp ]March[nbsp ] sofia alves nua prepared the European Council on Ukraine that followed. As you know, the Heads of State or Government sofia alves nua a lengthy and productive discussion with the newly-appointed Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

They commended the measured response shown so far by the new Ukrainian government and encouraged the authorities to pursue their efforts to ensure free and fair elections, advance constitutional reform and investigate all acts of violence. The Ukrainian authorities need to ensure inclusiveness at all levels of government. They called on the Russian Federation to withdraw its armed forces immediately to the areas of their permanent stationing, in accordance with the relevant agreements and to allow immediate access to international monitors.

The solution to sofia alves nua crisis in Ukraine must be based on the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, according to international law. In this connection, leaders agreed that the decision by the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea to hold a referendum on the future status of this territory is contrary to the Ukrainian Constitution and therefore illegal.

It is now particularly important that the Ukrainian and Russian sides talk to each other without delay, including through possible multilateral mechanisms. These must produce results within a limited timeframe. The Heads of State or Government announced that the European Union would also participate in the multilateral contact or coordination group being set up to de-escalate the situation. This should have as its objectives, among others, to build confidence between the parties; watch over the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine; protect all citizens against intimidation from all sides; observe the rights of minorities, including their linguistic rights; help to prepare free and fair elections; and monitor implementation of agreements and commitments.

As regards Russia, the European Union wants a relationship with Russia based on trust, mutual interest and respect for international obligations. The Heads of State or Government therefore decided to take action, including the action envisaged by the Council on 3[nbsp ]March.

This includes the suspension of bilateral talks with the Russian Federation on visa matters, as well as on the New Agreement. They also supported the decision of the European Members of the G8 and the EU institutions to suspend sofia alves nua participation in G8 Summit preparations until further notice. In the absence of results in the framework of negotiations between the Governments of Ukraine and the Russian Federation to resolve tatouage symbole amour mere fille crisis, the European Union will decide on additional measures such as travel bans, freezing of assets and the cancellation of the EU-Russia summit.

The Commission and the European External Action Service will be undertaking preparatory work on these measures. This is not to say that we do not value our sofia alves nua with Russia, which are important for peace and stability in Europe. Russia is an essential strategic partner. However, the Council was clear: any further destabilisation in Ukraine would seriously affect EU-Russia relations in a broad range of economic areas.

We stand ready to assist Ukraine and provide it with strong financial backing to help stabilise the economic and financial situation. To this end, the European Union has prepared a package of immediate short-term and medium-term measures offering trade, technical, economic and financial assistance. We also expect Ukraine to take action urgently to launch ambitious structural reform, including the fight against corruption and for transparency.

The Council has already decided to freeze and recover the assets of persons identified as being responsible for the misappropriation of state funds.

This would bring significant opportunities for economic development and increased prosperity for the whole of Ukraine, including Crimea, as well as its neighbours. It was agreed that the EU would sign the political part of the Association Agreement as a matter of priority. We also intend to adopt unilateral measures which would allow Ukraine to benefit substantially from the advantages offered in the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area, even before the signature of this agreement.

Such measures would entail an offer to apply provisions related sofia alves nua the import of goods by reducing tariffs and opening tariff rate quotas by means of so-called autonomous trade measures. The EU is also committed to enhancing people-to-people contacts between the EU and Ukraine, including through the visa liberalisation process, in line with the agreed conditions in the framework of the Sofia alves nua Liberalisation Action Plan. The issue of energy and energy security must not be forgotten.

The EU is prepared to help Ukraine to secure its own energy supply through diversification, better energy efficiency and effective interconnection with the European Union.

The EU must, in addition, seek to strengthen its political association and gradual economic integration with Georgia and the Republic of Moldova. Let me conclude by underlining that de-escalation of the situation in Ukraine sofia alves nua the key priority. It is essential now for Russia and Ukraine to talk to each other. The European Union is ready to help, and also to help the Ukrainian people on an economic, financial and technical level.

We believe that Russia also believes the objective of peace and stability in the region and on our continent to be of the highest priority and in our clear common interest.

I know that Parliament as an institution and many of you in this room have been putting considerable sofia alves nua and time into helping to find a solution, and I hope that we can put all our efforts along the same lines into supporting Ukraine, which is a European country. Ukraine was also the subject of an extraordinary meeting of Heads of State and Government last week, part of which was also attended by the Ukrainian Prime[nbsp ]Minister Yatsenyuk.

Today I want to share with you the results of that meeting, and specifically to tell you what the European Commission has been doing to support Ukraine in these very challenging times. Not only have we been supporting the legitimate aspirations of the Ukrainians, we have also been doing our best for regional and international peace. The developments, which started with the people of Ukraine expressing a clear wish to take their future into their own hands, call for a robust and united European response.

The current situation directly challenges us in many ways and forms. Sofia alves nua challenges our conscience as individuals; it challenges our unity as Europeans; it challenges our erotique film 2019 as decision makers; and it challenges some of the values that we hold dear, such as peace and democracy. This is, in a way, a test of our Union.

Vente maison usufruitier nu propriétaire outcome of the current situation will have a great impact on the geopolitical configuration of our continent in the years to come.

What happened in Crimea was an unprovoked and unacceptable violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and its territorial integrity. In the aftermath of this violation, alongside other G7 leaders, the President of the European Council and I — on behalf of the European Union — have strongly and unequivocally condemned this action.

Today at Honourable Members, the current situation remains very tense, so we need to take a very principled but also a very responsible approach. The Ukrainian people have already shed too much blood in this process. No more lives should be put at risk. Our immediate goal and objective should be to de-escalate the situation and find a peaceful solution to the current sofia alves nua, in full respect of international law.

Any attempt to legitimise a referendum in Crimea is contrary to the Ukrainian Constitution and is quite clearly illegal under international law.

We have been offering Russia the possibility of direct talks through the international mechanisms that are available — including a possible contact group — in full respect of the principles of the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. So far, unfortunately — and as you know — this has been to no avail.

Meanwhile, however, the financial and economic situation has already deteriorated dramatically, and we have not lost any time in mobilising a support package to help stem the tide and help Ukraine to stabilise its economic and financial situation. I am proud that the Commission was quickly able to propose an overall support package of at least EUR[nbsp ]11 billion sofia alves nua the European budget and from European Union-based international financial institutions for the short and medium term.

This was proof that we can react quickly; that we can show solidarity; that we can rise to the challenge. As you know, this package was welcomed by our Member States in the European Council, and the Prime Minister of Ukraine specifically expressed his gratitude for this initiative. Some of the measures can be put into practice immediately.

Indeed, just yesterday, Commissioner De Gucht and I publicly presented the Commission proposal to frontload unilaterally the trade parts of the Association Agreement, so that Ukraine can benefit from tariff reductions and tariff rate quotas even before the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area is fully applied.

This will save the Ukrainian economy around EUR[nbsp ] million a year in tariff cuts. I hope we can count on your active commitment and that of the Council to fast-track the approval process. We also immediately dispatched a mission from our services to identify the economic and financial needs of the Ukrainian authorities. I can announce that next week, on 19[nbsp ]March[nbsp ], the Commission will propose macro-financial assistance of an additional EUR[nbsp ]1 billion.

This amount will bring our total macro-financial assistance to EUR[nbsp ]1. However, it is crucial that this is part of a wider international effort where other international financial institutions, such as the IMF and the World Bank, as well as our Member States bilaterally and international partners, can also participate. At the same time, it is equally crucial to underline that this aid package is not a quick fix and that it needs to be complemented by, on the other side, a reform-oriented and inclusive Ukrainian government that is committed to fixing the current state of their financial system and rebuilding the economic foundations of the country both during the current transition phase and in the medium to long term.

At the summit meeting last week, we also decided that we will sign the political chapters of the Sofia alves nua Agreement before the Presidential elections that sofia alves nua take place in May.

This will seal the political association of Ukraine with the European Union, as has been wished for sofia alves nua its people in such a clear manner during these past months. The European Union has been pro-active and united throughout this crisis, and I am sure this will also be the case when the European Council discusses the next steps next week. Our dialogue on visa facilitation and liberalisation, the discussions on the new agreement and the preparations for the G8 meeting in Sochi have already been sofia alves nua. If meaningful negotiations do not begin within the next few days and produce results within a limited time frame, this will trigger additional measures.

A further deterioration of the situation could lead to far-reaching consequences, which I sincerely hope can be avoided. Our relationship with our Eastern partners does not have to be an exclusive one. Our model of engagement is that of open regionalism, not of autarchic self-entrenchment. We are not asking nor even suggesting to our partners from the Eastern Neighbourhood to turn their backs on Russia.

On the contrary, we encourage them to have good neighbourly relations and enhance their traditional trade ties. But at the same time, Russia needs to accept fully the right of these countries to decide their own future and the nature of the relations they choose to have with Russia.

I believe in a European continent where the rule of law prevails over the rule of force, sovereignty is shared and not limited, and the logic of cooperation replaces the logic of confrontation. We do not need new cold wars, and we certainly do not want them.

Security does not come from segregation, separating communities, building fences, but by embracing differences and diversity. Ukraine should not be a border between neighbours that do not speak to each other but a bridge where they can meet. Ukraine should not be seen as a problem for Europe but as an asset for a more united European continent. On the basis of these principles, I think we can say that a united, inclusive, stable and prosperous Ukraine can only be of benefit to all its neighbours and partners.

La Resolución del Parlamento Europeo condena estos hechos por considerarlos claramente contrarios a la Carta de las Naciones Unidas, al Acta Final de Helsinki, al Memorando de Budapest y a los acuerdos bilaterales entre Rusia y Ucrania.

Hay que rechazar claramente este referéndum que se va a celebrar el próximo domingo por ilegal e ilegítimo, y hay que apoyar, señor Presidente de la Comisión, al Gobierno de Ucrania. Entendemos también que una mediación internacional a través de la OSCE y de las Naciones Unidas sería determinante para garantizar la seguridad, la integridad territorial y la soberanía de Ucrania, y creo, señor Presidente, que tenemos que tomar en consideración las medidas sancionadoras que el Consejo Europeo ha propuesto en caso de que no se sofia alves nua esa desescalada de la tensión.

When we asked in recent months for money for Syrian refugees or for any other issues sofia alves nua were also urgent, the answer was always: there is no money. So let us hope that what les plus belle femme tout nu du monde now promised to the citizens of Ukraine is real money.

Secondly, I think we should also get the money rencontres d arles 2019 dates from the frozen assets, because it is very important to have the frozen asset money going back, including from the oligarchs who are now the new favourite oligarchs in the country.

It is good that they are now the new governors, for example, but it is also important that those people in Ukraine who have a lot of money, or have their money outside the country, go back and put the money back into economic development.

Thirdly, I think it is very important to have elections very soon for a new President and a new government — a broad government, I would hope, representing all the different citizen groups in the country — because the long-term engagement of the European Union should only be concluded with a long-term government which has been elected and tried to involve all citizens from whichever majority or minority they come from. My next point is about Russia. I think what Russia is doing is not at all acceptable — we will come to that in a minute.

But how strong are we vis-à-vis Russia? When Commissioner Oettinger said that we have to interrupt negotiations about South Stream, why are we negotiating about South Stream? Why was it possible to kill Nabucco, for example: why did we accept? Why did some Member States agree to bring back Russian gas into it and not gas from other countries? So we would have been in a much stronger position — as we discussed this morning — if we had had a clear policy of industrial independence.

We have the report — I had many disagreements with Mr Saryusz-Wolski, but we wrote a report in the Committee on Foreign Affairs on an independent energy policy. Why was it not accepted by the Council and promoted by the Commission?

We would have been in a much better position today vis-à-vis Russia. Concerning the referendum, it should be very clear that this is not a legitimate referendum. All the referendums we have seen in the past have been totally different. Whether in East Timor, South Sudan or in Scotland in the future, referendums are held on a legal basis with international observers and no military putting pressure on the national assemblies.

Russia cannot say that this is about the will of the citizens of the Crimea. No, the referendum is enforced — already now they are saying what the outcome of the referendum will be.

There is no doubt about sofia alves nua, because it is under duress. So let us be very clear to Russia. There is no possibility of accepting an It will take place.

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Both Houses of the Parliament of Russia have made all preparations for an illegal annexation of the Crimea, and the Russian Government has assisted them.

I have not seen any movement towards natalia boa vista nue this illegal referendum. Then we have to have serious economic sanctions that will hurt Russia, unfortunately, and that will also hurt us. We should be prepared to do this because the Russian actions are not only illegal, they also destroy the Helsinki Process in which we in Europe have sofia alves nua that borders are to be accepted and can only be changed through international law.

We are in a very serious situation. I would like to know from the Commission and the Council: are they really united on the financial support package? Is there a difference of opinion between the Council and the Commission? Is the money there, or not? Are they prepared to take, together with Parliament, one line on serious economic sanctions?

Die Kollegen haben schon sehr präzise beschrieben, wie sofia alves nua Russland bereit war, internationales Recht — die UN-Charta-Verträge — zu brechen. Es ist trotzdem so, dass man sich gar nicht klar genug machen kann, dass Russland im Moment auch die Macht ist, die bereit ist zu einer militärischen Invasion und zu einer militärischen Eskalation.

Sofia Alves vários #2

Keine andere Macht, die da bisher betroffen ist, berührt ist von diesem Konflikt, ist dazu bereit. Was mich mit am meisten bestürzt, gerade in diesem Jahr — Jahre nach Beginn sofia alves nua Ersten Weltkriegs —, ist, dass Russland auch bereit ist, in diesen wahnsinnigen Propagandamustern des letzten Jahrhunderts ein Volk auf ein anderes zu hetzen, und zwar gnadenlos, wenn man sich die Propaganda von russischen Medien anschaut.

Wie geht Europa damit um? Wir haben zu oft, Herr Kollege Swoboda, auch schon in der Auseinandersetzung mit Präsident Janukowytsch suggeriert, dass die Europäische Union irgendwie machtlos ist. Das stimmte nicht gegenüber Janukowytsch.

Und das stimmt auch nicht gegenüber dem Russland von Wladimir Putin. Wir müssen nicht in eine militärische Auseinandersetzung fallen, um Russland deutlich zu machen, dass, wenn sofia alves nua sich isolieren will, diese Isolation auch passiert. Wir müssen diesen Handel, wie Sie es gerade auch zum Gas richtig beschrieben haben, nicht immer weiter intensivieren. Wir haben da andere Möglichkeiten. Diplomatie, so wie sie von den Staats- und Regierungschefs befürwortet worden ist, ist richtig.

Bisher weigert sich die russische Seite, überhaupt an den runden Tisch zu kommen.


Also ein so klares Njet gegenüber allen diplomatischen Bemühungen hat es noch nicht gegeben! J'étais encore assis'sur tes bancs. Il y a, au musée, une madone du Guide,une. Grâce au zèle et à l'ouverture d'esprit de vos maîtres, votre attention, chcrs étèves, a été, sofia alves nua bonne heure, tournée-de ce coté.

Peut-être serontils plus nombreux parmi vous. Aussi bien les programmes qui suivent de loin le mouvement des idées ont-its commencé à tenir compte d'une vérité que personne. On livre erotique feminin même pas attendu, tant on espérait de ces tecons. Peut être, âpres tout, malgré ta valeur très inégale des auxiliaires auxquels on a du faire appel pour que, du jour au lendemain, le nouveau programme fût partout sofia alves nua, n'a-t-on pas eu tort de se hâter ainsi.

I am sure this is also going to be discussed, and I hope that a clear signal is given in the European Council. The recovery is leaning more on domestic demand and has become more broad-based across the Member States, including most of the vulnerable Member States.

Comme disent lesbiennes au bord de la piscine naturalistes, la fonction développe l'organe. Parfois, quand le maître est très intelligent, ce qu'il enseigne le mieux, avec le plus de verve et de feu, c'est ce qui, la veilte même, a piqué sa curiosité, ce qu'il il expose et ce qu'il explique à mesure qu'il le découvre, à mesure qu'il l'apprend pour son propre compte.

En tout cas, si ce cours est bien à sa place. Ce n'est pas ici le lieu de comparer les deux régimes scolaires entre lesquels se- partagent nos élèves, ni de se demander si l'un des deux, est supérieur à l'autre et en quoi consistérait cette supériorité.

Je ne sais pas de question plus oiseuse tout système d'études est excellent, qui donne pleine satisfaction aux besoins de ceux auxquels sofia alves nua s'adresse et qui les met en état de bien jouer leur rôle dans la vie. On nous permettra cependant une remarque l'ehseignement'classique garde ses élèves plus. Que ses prétentions soient fondées où-non, peu -importe ma. Pourquoi s'en tiendrait-il. A votre prochaine visite, je vous. Si vous savez écouter, vous entendrez parler ces statues rangées contre les murs l'Arès, où l'on croit retrouver la marque de Polyclete l'Artémis chasseresse, la.

Nous aussi, nous sommes tette Grèce que tu entrevois et que tu sofia alves nua daM Jours écrits, dont tu déchiffres, non sans peine, la. Pournous comprendre et pour nous aimer, pouf lire. Dans cet exercice même et cet apprentissage, tu trouveras un plaisir qui sera. Ne crains pas, d'ail leurs, toi qui aspires à être plus tard l'interprète du génie grec, que ce soit là du temps perdu. Le jour où tu. Ceux-ci, tu t'en rapprocheras par le fait d'impressions toutes pareilles tu seras plus voi-sin d'eux, plus près de penser et.

Ce sofia alves nua discours, que lesapplaudissemeHtâ ont maintes sofia alves nua interrompu a été suivi de la lecture du palmarès i' w. Le prix Broca a été obtemi par l'élevé Manus Bouyssy, de première moderne. Le prix Cohin, par l'êlèveFrMçois Monod, élève de philosophie. Le prix Motheré, par l'élevé Raymond Haussaire, derhétorique.

Mathématiques spéciales!. Ecole centra. Rink, Frëydenberg. Poincetet, Debàilleul, Colette, Gaillard. Mathématiques élémentaires. Bouché-LedeMq, Granger, Lux, da. Saint-Denis, Morissôn, Roberty, Rénaux. DucrnixrWeber, Parmantier. Hàussâire, R. BaiIIieu, Gilbert. Première moderne. Sciences Bouyssy, Dugard.

Lettres:: Schultx. KeuB Seconde classique. DebailTeuI, Gérard. Garoiér, Lévy,' Dampn, Dabout. Division B Gug'enhe4m, François; Iven.

Vinot, Romain, Wertheimer, Laurent,' Marciile. TiptMMne, Glaus. Lemoy, Gasnier, Cha. Daviet, Wiseux. Troisième classique. Division A Marignac, Is ért. Spifz, Haan, Perreau; Legros. Lemiraux, Boyer, Montbarbon, Faitot, Lorio. La distribution des prix a eu lieu, à onze heures dans la saUe des Fêtes, sous la présidence.

Alfred Croiset, membre de l'Institut, assisté de M. Croiset a loué enaulte l'esprit de tradition qui est le plus solide sou- tien et la condition indispensable du progrés. Nous appartenons tous, tant que nous sommes, à de bien étranges génératioM. Sofia alves nua subissons des engouements, nous obéissons à des modes dont la violence tyrannique n'a d'égale que leur brièveté. Mais, pour nous en tenir au domaine paisible de la littérature et de l'art, voyez un peu ce qu'ont sofia alves nua, depuis vingt ans seutement, je n'ose dire nos passions, le mot serait trop grave, ni nos capricees, il serait trop gracieux d'autre part, l'expresion juste serait vraiment trop triviale.

Mais ennn vous me comprenez. Le fait est que nous avons été tour à tour, ou a la fois, naturalistes, impressionnistes, réalistes, idéalistes, un peu mystiques, occultistes même, et souvent inintelligibles. Puis ne rencontrant pas chez nous l'objet cherché ou rêvé, nous l'avons demandé au dehors, et nous avons fait le lourdes littératures européennes à la découverte de ce phénix introuvable.

J'entends ce qu'on peut répondre. Ce mouvement, dit-on, est te signe le plus certain d'une vie intense c'est la preuve de notre activité intellectuelle. Et quant aux étrangers, depuis quand n'est-il plus permis de les admirer et de les imiter, dans un pays dont la littérature, depuis la Renaissance, a été tour à tour tributaire de la.

A merveille. Tous les mouvements ne sont pas bons. La nèvrè aussi ou certaines maladies nerveuses provoquent des mouvements. Un mouvement qui nest ni ordonné ni calme indique tout le contraire de la santé. Quand l'aiguille de labousso e se comporte comme font nos esprits, on dit qu'elfe est anotée, et on a. Mais jn homme, à lui tout seul, n'est pas grand chose.

H vaut surtout par l'âme des ancêtres, par le suc nourricier qu'il puise dans le sol de la patrie. Et, l'ailleurs, dans le monde moral comme dans le 'nonde'physique, il a a. Tachons de savoir ce qui nous convient, et, pour cela, de nous connaître, et, pour cela encore, d'être vraiment nousmêmes, c'est-à-dire des rameaux vigoureux de ce tronc immense qui est la France do tous.

L'éducation classique n'a pas d'au. Quand vous serez nourris de ce passé, tartinés par cette tradition, vous pourrez tout tenter, tout lire, tout connaître.

σούπα λαχανικών θερμίδες AEE

Vous serez d'autant mieux les hommes de demain que vous serez d'abord des hommes d'hier et de tous les temps. Vous prendrez d'autant mieux aux étrangers je ne dis pas ce qu'ils ont de bon car ce qui est bon peureux ne l'est pas nécessairement pour nousmais du moins ce qu'ils ont de plus assimilable à notre tempérament national, que vous vous serez constitué d'abord un tempéramant français plus robuste et plus résistant.

Prix de Lagarde-Rochot. Prix Danjou. Philosophie d'Argonson. Prix de Lagarde. Rhétorique Chaïé-Fontaine. Prix Georges Tocque. Seconde :deNadaiIIae. Prix Henri Lapie. Quatrième Georges Volait. Tassel, Le Boter. Voici les élèves le plus souvent nommés Mathématiques spéciales. Mathématiques élémentaires, Laoo.

Flottés, de Sainte-Foy. Chabert, de RoMgnac, Chiroussot, D. Rhétorique supérieure. Hùvelin, Camman. Pupier, dé Carné, de 'Coincy. Delauhay, Mature francaise avale, Rogeau, Prud'homme.

VerJtac, Sémiohon, Pruvost. Puech, Arraùlt. Hallàrd, Demasure, LancreapM, f'nef, Clermonté. Maurice de Bérard. Gui, Lauerenon, Chartes. Frédéric Passy. Kiewcnglowski, inspecteur de l'académie de Paris, et de M. Btanchet, proviseur du lycée. Le discours d'usage a été prononcé par M. Combarieu, professeur de troisième. Voici les noms dos élèves les plus souvent nommés.

Mathématiques spéciales. Prix oSert par i'Association des anciens élèves. Philbois, Druesnes. Cours supérieur de philosophie et de rhétorique. B Bautig, Dereux. Minard, Lainé, Huet, Bëclard. B Maïean. C Malloizel, Sohweisguth, de Lacroix, Menjand.

B trot, Arbelet. B Fiquet, de Chanvàton, Hartmann, Villou. D Tjangeais, Riemann, Buizard, Widmer. Félix Martin, Bobin et André ont été, comme nous l'avons dit, arrêtés de nouveau. Les trois anciens administrateurs de- la Compagnie des chemins de fer du Sud cnt été amenés à la Conciergerie, où ils demeureront en cellule jusqu'au jour de l'audience.

Par faveur spéciale, les trois prévenus ont été autorises a faire venir leurs repas d'un restaurant voisin sofia alves nua ils pourront recevoir, deux fois par semaine, la visite des membres de leur famille. Parmi la liste des personnes tuées a Sgurê le nom de M"" Léonie Leden.

On comptait' sofia alves nua onze victimes. M"" Leden est vivante. Et, l'explication de cette erreur est assez singu. Devant ce corps, le procureur crut se trouver en présence d'une nouvelle sofia alves nua or, un abbé, croyant lui-même reconnaître une de ses paroissiennes, M"' Lëonie Leden, le magistrat augmenta d'un nom sa funèbre liste.

Cette dernière portait ainsi onze noms, alors que, en. Pour sofia alves nua le onzième, ou plutôt pour constater nfticiellement l'identité des défunts, oh Et même ouvrir les bières contenant les restes de cinq d'entre eux. Hier, ennn, ce malentendu macabre s'est expliqué.

Un tentative de meurtre a été commise la nuit dernière, vers minuit, sur la route qui ionge te cimetière Parisien reliant les routes deViilejuifetdeVitry.

The Ukrainian people have already shed too much blood in this process. Mais la mission Rosetta ne se terminera qu'en septembre et elle continue à suivre l'évolution de la comète sur plus de la moitié de son orbite. Nowadays, the regulation of the star formation is always one of the key points of galaxy formation models. For each pair, we searched for a more massive 'third' galaxy in the vicinity.

sofia alves nua Ce n'est que vers cinq heures du matin que des ouvriers, se rendant à leur travail, aperçurent la malheureuse jeune iiUe étendue inanimée près du mur du cimetière. Elle portait aua si de nombreuses blessures sur le corps: deux côtes enfoncées, les seins tabôm'ês de sillons profonds sofia alves nua de gravés contusions au ventre.

Dès qu'il histoire erotique bourgeoise, M. Michaut, commissaire de police de GeatiHy, se. Ce sont des. La pauvre jeune iiUe fut acculée a la muraille e. La uiatheureuse Elle tomba, le crâne ouvert, et les meurtriers s'acharnèrent sur elle, à coups de t. Le commissaire de police a réussi a.

Lucie Theodorova. Heidi Mayne. Jenna Haze. Sandra Romain. Lana Del Amore. Black Angelica. Karlie Montana.